Once you go Bidet there is No Other Way

Have you ever checked into a hotel room in Europe, Asia or some parts of the U.S. seen a strange-looking additional bathroom fixture next to the toilet and didn’t know exactly what it was? For the most part, it is safe to say this fixture is not an indoor water fountain.

It is more likely called a bidet and used to clean the private area after using the toilet.

Bidets use water to wash you in a comfortable and hygienic way. It is one of the best methods to a clean and healthy personal area. Bidets are very common in many parts of the world and are gradually becoming more and more popular in America as well.

Initially, the experience with a bidet could be a little refreshing if not awkward. But once a person gets the hang of it, they tend to prefer the clean sensation a bidet brings over going go back to wiping with toilet paper. You may have seen this before but here is testimonials from first time bidet users…

In fact, if you think about, why should you use toilet paper to clean the most sensitive parts of your body anyhow? What if we never wash our faces with water, instead choosing to only wipe with toilet paper.

Would we truly be able to clean the dirt or bacteria from the pores in our skin? To me it feels more rejuvenating wash my face with water? As such, why not choose to use water to clean our lower extremeties to achieve a proper level of refreshment? Water just does a way better job of cleaning up the mess.

Newbies may find bidets a bit intimidating but the right information about their use can make everyone more open to trying them out. Today many companies are making affordable bidets to make them more accessible to the general public.

This amazing instrument of freshness is no longer only reserved for the wealthy and expensive hotels patrons. There are all types of bidets available in different shapes and sizes to choose from – a cheap bidet or a luxury one.

They are exceptionally easy to install. You just have to figure out which one works best for you most comfortably within your financial means.

Standalone bidets

To use these you need a big bathroom. First, you use the toilet then you move over to sit on the bidet for washing. these types of bidets are mainly found in Europe.

You (for lack of a better word) straddle on the bidet facing either towards the controls for water or facing away quite akin to sitting on a toilet. Some prefer facing the bidet for better control of the jets on and off throttle, or to adjust the water temperature.

If you have your pants on then you may have to roll them down at the ankles before you sit on the bidet. You may need a little practice though.

There are two types of standalone bidets – the floor mounted and the wall-mounted.

Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted bidets are accompanied by wall-mounted toilets and look extremely modern and sophisticated. Some have no touch features with automated temperature and stream programming. Others still require manual control.

Floor Mounted

Floor Mounted models are more common and come in many different styles. Bidets have come a long way and there is vertualy a type for everybody. The experience is like a mini shower, so it kind of begs the question “why not” adopt a cleaner method of using the restroom.

Electronic bidet toilet seats

Electronic bidet toilet seats are a perfect substitute for the standalone bidets, as they are slim sleek and high tech taking up less space while ensuring that you are able to get cleaned all in one sitting on the toilet itself.

With these devices there is no need for staggering across the bathroom to the stand alond Bidet. The visual on that alone doesn’t sound good at all.

This type of Bidet is ideal for small bathrooms with that space-saving sentiment in mind. Toilet-seat integrated Bidets have more benefits than disadvantages in the personal hygiene area that is for sure.

These electronic bidets have a myriad of features up to and including controlling water temperature as per your needs, warming the toilet seat, adjusting the spray pressure, air dryer, nozzle sterilization and a wide array of extras.

Even the nozzles are self-cleaning, that is a win win it the bathroom department. They attached to your existing toilet with a few connectors that for the most part may not require an expert to install. Disclaimer, if you feel uncomfortable installing any of these Bidets, please contact a licensed plumber in your area. Once installed, they have a nozzle that provides a stream of water to complete the task at hand.

Off the various Bidet options out there, I found the followig to be the best value for my dollar:

The GenieBidet goes for around $108, has no wiring requirements and does not required replacing your existing toilet. I found a GenieBidet on Amazon here.

The Brondell Swash 1400, is sort of like the luxury car of Bidets. The warm air dryer alone is what does it for me but the ambient lighting, and easy cleaning steel nozzles may be more relevant to some. You may find more info and take a look at the Brondell Bidet here on Amazon.

The TOTO Bidet is a sophisticated piece of bathroom equipment coming with all the bells and whistles of other Bidets on the market, with built in deodorizer for an extra touch of freshness. I found a great deal for this Bidet here also on Amazon as well.

Non-Electronic Bidet Toilet Seats

Right up front the benefit to these types of bidets is that they can be easily installed on your existing toilet. They don’t need batteries to operate or any electrical connection. And all you need to do is following the appropriate packing instructions, which generall guide you along the way of connecting the Bidet to your exisiting waterline using some sort of T connector.

Non-electric bidets are affordable and can produce much higher water pressure. But they can not give you those extra features you get in the electronic bidets.

Hand-Held Bidets or Sprayers

They are akin to kitchen sprayers and are generally hung on the wall near your latrine. All you have to do is hold and aim in the desired direction and start cleaning yourself. These sprayers are multipurpose. You can use them to wash your pets in the tub or for cleaning cloth diapers as well.

Bidets can definately come in handy for parents who must take on an accident or two when their child is on the latter cusp of potty training. Well, at least your shower will appreciate it that’s for sure.

These Bidet sprayers are usually inexpensive and very easy to install providing you with much better control over the spray. Although they don’t have any luxurious feature, still they are hygienic.

Bidet Attachments

These are the cheapest. But they come in specific sizes and may fit only a select few toilets. As I started look into the world of Bidets, I noticed a lot of people recommend avoiding this option.

For the most part though, Bidets are ideal for everybody. They are helpful to women for maintaining hygiene during that period of the month when mother nature stops by as well as during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, some women find it difficult to use toilet paper to clean their sensitive nether regions. So bidets can be extremely helpful to them for cleansing their lower extremities.

For seniors who may have or experience mobility even intermittently, a Bidet can be very useful under those circumstances. In a sense, the Bidet would act as a sort of cleaning assistant to some degree.

A bidet can be as much help to men as to women and prevent both of them from spreading harmful viruses during intercourse. It may seem embarassing at first or if you have not used one customarily in your region of the world. But if you embrace the new process, you may find great joy in the newly found sense of shower fresh clean you feel.

A bidet scores over toilet paper in many ways. Toilet paper brings your hands in contact with the bacteria, whereas a bidet leaves your hands free and helps you ward off infectious diseases.

A good bidet will last for a long time. Which equates to cutting monthly and annual toilet paper costs. Not to mention the amount of trees that go into manufacturing and creating toilet paper.

It is hard to imagine how many trees per year are cut for the purposes of creating toilet paper.

In America alone, it is estimated that we use approximately 36 million rolls of toilet paper every year. To meet this demand, approximately 15 million trees have to be chopped. Replacing bidets with toilet paper can certainly help save the trees.

Bidets can also save water when used appropriately. Compare the water you use to flush bowls full of soiled toilet papers to small spritzes from a bidet.

Still wondering whether you should replace the toilet paper with a bidet?

I say go ahead and give it a try. I will take a hygienically clean sensation over paper scraped sensations any day. For the sake of your bottom, use water. Save paper. Save trees. Save your bum.

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