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Once you go Bidet there is No Other Way

Have you ever checked into a hotel room in Europe, Asia or some parts of the U.S. seen a strange-looking additional bathroom fixture next to the toilet and didn’t know exactly what it was? For the most part, it is safe to say this fixture is not an indoor water fountain. It is more likely […]

Grooming Tips Fathers Can Actually Pass On

Recently, I spoke with another father who has a son about to enter into his adolescent years. It was interesting to learn that no one had taught him to shave when he was growing up, just like me. So I sat down and decided to write an article about it. Parents having a young son […]

6 Ways to Create Good Tooth Brushing Habits that Actually Work with Children

After several months of struggling to get my children to brush their teeth consistently, I decided to look up some possible solutions online prior to throwing in the towel. The following are six techniques that I have discovered that actually helped build consistent teeth brushing habits with my children. Of course I must state a […]