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Parental Controls that Actually Work

The Internet has become exponentially ubiquitous. Young children no longer play blocks, puzzle, and kick ball like they use to. Instead, they’re hooked to their smartphones playing games, internet browsing, using social media networks, downloading apps and watching YouTube, amongst many other things. While this exposure can make them more knowledgeable of world events, many […]

A New Parents Guide to the Playground

Playgrounds are happy venues for children, where they can run around and enjoy the different play-sets with their friends and playmates. Skills that are learned while playing on various toys on the playground and the benefits that kids can reap by playing are priceless. Indeed there are various other forms of playgrounds around us, some […]
Pit Bull

First Experience Staying in a Home that Owns a Pitbull

Recently, my family and I had to spend time with a family member who owns a pit bull. Being that we have very young children, the decision to do so came with great concern and to be honest would not have happened, but for the unfortunate circumstance we were in. As a father, I learned […]