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Slime Recipes

We Love Slime

I am not 100% sure why but for whatever reason children really love making slime. They love playing with slime. They love smelling slime. Touching slime. Putting it on things Throwing it. Anything to do with slime, for some reason children really just love it. It is just the way children are. Personally, I still […]

Utilizing the Beach as a Learning Medium

As a parent who is admittedly cheap, I am always looking for ways to entertain my children while burning as much energy as possible. Going to the beach is one of the absolute best ways that I know of to accomplish this. Currently, we go to the beach at least once a week. If I […]
Coding for Children

How I keep My Child’s Interest in Coding

The Arduino coding kit is extremely useful for educational purposes. It keeps my children engaged and interested and requires that they read in order to complete the project and inevitably, learn and play at the same time. It is like a cool learning toy that kids can literally hold in their hands while developing valuable […]