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Parental Controls that Actually Work

The Internet has become exponentially ubiquitous. Young children no longer play blocks, puzzle, and kick ball like they use to. Instead, they’re hooked to their smartphones playing games, internet browsing, using social media networks, downloading apps and watching YouTube, amongst many other things. While this exposure can make them more knowledgeable of world events, many […]

Gift Ideas for Kids Who May Already Have Everything

If you have ever felt overwhelmed with the amount of toys your children have left around the hosue and the time spent picking them up I feel you. You are not alone. In the glorious days of yester year my kids would simply enjoy playing with kitchen utensils, cardboard boxes, crunchy paper and other types […]

How to Block YouTube

Is it just me or am I the only parent who has tried every possible way they can think of to secure their Internet for their children with no success? I do not know if it is just how it is with kids these days, but for some reason, no matter what I try I […]

Utilizing the Beach as a Learning Medium

As a parent who is admittedly cheap, I am always looking for ways to entertain my children while burning as much energy as possible. Going to the beach is one of the absolute best ways that I know of to accomplish this. Currently, we go to the beach at least once a week. If I […]
Security CAM

Home Security Strategy that Actually Works

When buying a good a home security system generally speaking it is a good idea to ask yourself the following three questions: 1.) Am I trying to prevent and intruder? 2.) Am I trying to apprehend and intruder? 3.) Where can I get help me after I leave the store? There are literally thousands of […]
Coding for Children

How I keep My Child’s Interest in Coding

The Arduino coding kit is extremely useful for educational purposes. It keeps my children engaged and interested and requires that they read in order to complete the project and inevitably, learn and play at the same time. It is like a cool learning toy that kids can literally hold in their hands while developing valuable […]