How to Block YouTube

Is it just me or am I the only parent who has tried every possible way they can think of to secure their Internet for their children with no success? I do not know if it is just how it is with kids these days, but for some reason, no matter what I try I can not seem to block my kids out of certain websites.

Primarily the bane of my home internet YouTube.

YouTube for me has been the one website that I have not been able to completely block my children from viewing with conventional routers.

Even though I am an internet technician by trade, unfortunately I have found that the most reliable way to block YouTube is by using a hardware device like Circle to filter this mega content provider out of my home.

Embarrassing as it is to admit it, I thought I knew enough to adequately implement and use strong parental controls such as those available by default within my home router or the YouTube Kids app.

I also know that there are filters I can or “should” be able to filter out websites with . For example I should be able to filter by domain, IP address, or by keyword or content type within my home router if the feature is built in one would think.

DNS services like OpenDNS, have not been able to prevent my children from accessing YouTube either.

Unfortunately, time and tine again, for some reason I have failed to block YouTube to the point of dire frustration.

Now I am not saying that YouTube is only bad. There is a lot of good that comes with the YouTube platform no doubt about it.

It is just that, for whatever reason, the bad content seems to have a way of conveniently exposing itself to my children. As such, it is my duty to protect them from being these types of negative influences.

I have tried to block every possible bad channel I have tried to set parameters on the YouTube channel account that we have. I have also set up separate accounts that are registered as minors. Yet for some reason my children always end up on some weird channel with some person talking about things that do not need to be exposed to.

Being a straightforward and realistic about this and I can, I just don’t want a stranger influencing my children. So cut short of stopping them from having Internet access entirely, I have tried many methods of securing my children’s access.

Let me outline the methods I have tried.

Tactic: 1.) I went into our router and blocked the YouTube domain entirely.

Result: The problem with this is, if I decide to use that website, it does block it on my Linksys router, but whenever I want to access any YouTube videos that just so happened to be embedded into a lot of websites these days I am unable to.

Tactic: 2.) Blocking YouTube by Mac addresses or IP addresses on my network. Sounds easy enough.

Result: Being in the tech industry one would think that since I am only securing my children’s iPad this would be a no problem. For some reason though, my kids were still able to access the website. Why? I am not entirely sure. I am still investigating how that happened at this time.

I have called computer radio shows and got advice about a the best router that can blocks YouTube and implement parental controls including any or all the websites you want to allow or disallow access to.

The prices were what held me back at first but I am at the point now where I think I might just have to suck it up. Sometimes in your life you have to take a hit in your wallet rather than take a hit in hours of lost sanity trying to figure out things on your own, even though you are perfectly capable of doing so.

Allowing the pre-programmed product to handle the more complicated task may be well worth the security of knowing my home network is child proof.

Spending the money to save me the time it takes to learn it is a worthwhile to keep bad content filtered out of my home. The last thing any parent wants to experience is walking up to your child watching a YouTube video with a voice instructing him to them to hurt themselves.

Although I cannot say that I am the best father in the world but when I can speak from experience sharing the good the bad and the ugly. And the internet can be an ugly place for a child to roam freely.

It is easy to think “Not my child.” I don’t want it to be anyone’s child.

My children’s attitude changes when they watch YouTube videos on their one. They say and do things that they normally do not do. There is a distinctive bitterness and meanness that comes about after they watch videos.

Being that I am merely a parent and not a professional Psychologist. I am going to error on the side of caution and do whatever I can to protect my children from this.

Have you experienced these types of situations? One moment they are doing great and the very the next second you’re hearing I hate you or you don’t love me, nobody loves me.

It very difficult to experience. Parenting is an ever evolving situation there is no guideline or manuals. You just have to try your best to do everything you can with your very best effort.

Blocking YouTube is just one part of trying to being the most epic father. This status comes with a wide variety of elements. Family life can consist of daily character building struggles among other things. For this reason, I believe and try to do everything I can every moment I can to be home and not there but online.

This makes the “No YouTube” rule a lot easier to understand for my children, instead of them being confused as I have them do as I say not as I do.

At the end of the day, even it I am not always the most patient of fathers, at least my children will remember that I had always been there for them as much as possible. Even though it may not have been exactly how they want it at all times.

If I am able to pass on all the tools that I can give them life so that they can pursue their dreams and be productive citizens in society, that would be awesome. Instilling a drive and determination in my children to go after and achieve their dreams. And hopefully the desire to do more good than bad in life.

In order for me to accomplish this I have to remain open. I have read several books I continue to scour the internet for information from reliable sources. Constantly thirsting for knowledge on how to be a better father and better person.

Because I am dedicated to continually learning, practicing and applying techniques that will help improve the upbringing of my children.

Filtering out negative influences is part of this amazing responsibility I have been given. Starting off with blocking YouTube is a must.

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